Both of my parents (Burke’s) were raised in the Jacksonville area, so we cruised into the big city with great anticipation about our plans to meet with some family and friends that we had not seen in a while. We had heard some great things about the Marina at Ortega Landing, which would require a 20 mile diversion down the St. Johns River. It was our plan to stay there and visit family and college friends for at least 4 days, so we made the decision to make the side trip and were glad that we did. It was beautiful, friendly and full of amenities. It was also a great place to rendezvous with loved ones. We have included pictures of most of the reunions, but blew it by not getting a picture of my cousin Robin and her husband, who took us out to dinner on the night of our arrival. Sorry guys!! We love you all and enjoyed our time together in Jax.