If the forecast calls for rain without the crazy wind and lightning, we will travel! We would much rather be moving to our next destination than sitting around in the boat in a marina waiting for the weather to improve. As you can see by the attached pictures, there are many other people who love to be active in the rainy outdoors. We were very impressed by the number of very young kids who were competing in an Optimist Sailing Regatta in the blustery, wet and open waterway of the ICW just south of Ft. Pierce.

When we arrived at the City Marina, we knew we had to re-provision. So, we googled the nearest Publix and took off by foot through what we discovered to be a somewhat threatening part of town. I humbly took the blame for poor planning and after a swift-paced 2 mile hike, we finally got our groceries and caught a cab back to the safety of Estrellita. After days like that, we just crawl into our aft cabin bed, watch a good movie on our laptop, and have a great night’s sleep. This life is good!