As we made our way up this part of Florida’s east coast, we were overwhelmed by the homes, boats, pools, docks, and lush colorful landscaping that were developed and displayed in such a grand way on this stretch of the ICW. We had sunny clear weather as we slowly passed these sites and had a great time viewing and appreciating all the different architecture and materials used in the construction of all of it. Mile after mile, it was sometimes a bit much for the eye to behold. And wow, can you imagine the upkeep of these immaculate properties?? As each of those days came to an end, we remained thankful for our relatively small and simple home on the Estrellita.

We spent some long days negotiating our way through no-wake zones and bridge after low bridge interconnecting some of the wealthiest sections of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway. Stel spent some time snapping pictures of the grandeur. We have included a few of Stel’s photos, which is our best attempt at sharing our time in this impressive area.