We have done a good bit of traveling with Jo and Boogie before, but the days that we were together were full of things that we have never seen or done before. The weather was variable to say the least, requiring jeans and jackets in the morning, changing to shorts and t-shirts in the afternoon. Unfortunately, no bathing suits were ever pulled out of storage. We completed the cruise of the Trent-Severn Waterway, which allowed us to experience some very unique locks, great park-side overnights stays, local restaurants, pristine clear water, and the viewing of hundreds of quaint summer-time cottages along the shoreline.

We put in some lengthy days at the helm so that we could experience part of the Georgian Bay before Jo and Boogie returned home. The Bay is also known as the 30,000 Islands, which is characterized by its clear water and rocky terrain. Cruising through this territory is quite different than at home, where any deviation from the channel results in props biting into unforgiving rock, not sand or mud. Fortunately, the Canadians are very good at marking their channels, so if you pay close attention, the reward for negotiating through some tight places is well worth it. The colorful rock formations projecting up through this beautiful water are quite impressive and provide for some great dinghy exploration. We have been fishing in the evenings, with a great deal of time spent learning how to catch these local fish, including large mouth bass, walleyes (or pickerel as the Canadians call them). A word to my buddies back at home….I have not hurt the fish population in Canada.

We arrived at Britt, Ontario where Boogie had arranged for a seaplane come from Parry Sound to pick them up. It was quite a sight to watch it fly in so low, taxi up the Byng inlet and pull right up to our dock at Wrights Marina! From what we have heard, they thoroughly enjoyed getting to see some of the Georgian Bay from the air as the plane took them back to the mainland to catch a cab to the airport. Thank you Jo and Boogie for another memorable adventure.